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Scrapers in Rockhampton


Scraper — Mike Barlow Earthmoving in Rockhampton, QLD
At Mike Barlow Earthmoving in Rockhampton, we are specialists in earthmoving and earthmoving machinery. We know that one of the most important elements of any earthmoving project is getting the job done efficiently, that’s why we have a scraper in our fleet of equipment.

As the name suggests, scrapers are powerful machines, unbeatable for scraping the surface, removing dirt, gravel, rocks and other materials from wet and relatively smooth surfaces. Regardless of whether the materials for removal are wet or dry, scrapers can do the job with equal efficiency, they have a blade that scrapes the material up and pushes it into the wagon of the machine, ready to transport to another location.

Along with being indispensable in road and bridge building, it’s also the preferred machinery for many mining operations due to its versatile capabilities and effectiveness across many of the industry applications.

These machines can essentially do the job of several different types of plant, cutting down on both expense and inefficiency. Although powerful machines, they are fuel efficient and maintain optimum productivity, making them a cost effective and practical option.

If you’re looking for an effective solution for ground clearing and preparation for mining work, excavations or construction, give us a call today. We can provide more information or arrange an onsite consultation.