• D9N
  • D8N
  • D8R
  • D7H
  • 637G's
  • 631G's
  • 631E's
  • 631D's
  • 621E's
  • WS16's


  • Property Development
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Dam Construction
  • Site Levelling
  • Road Construction
  • All General Earthworks



" Mike Barlow Earthmoving is committed to providing reliable, professional earthmoving services in conjunction with exemplary customer service. Our services are performed by qualified operators with extensive field experience.

We take care of our immediate worksite surroundings and are committed to leaving the environment as close to its natural state as possible prior to the earthworks. "

Loader Loading Rocks — Earthmoving & Excavation Services in Rockhampton, QLD


  • Dam construction and repairs
  • Site levelling and preparation
  • Roadworks
  • House pads
  • Access roads
  • Erosion control
  • Levee banks
  • Pasture preparation
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Property development
  • Project management
Bulldozer — Earthmoving & Excavation Services in Rockhampton, QLD


When land needs to be cleared and level, our operators can do it. Whether it is a small residential site or a large commercial property, we can level the site in preparation for construction. We prepare and level sites for house construction, tennis courts, pool areas, landscape preparation and property development. We can excavate sites for driveways, house or shed pads, retaining walls and fencing, parking lots, roads and access roads. We can manage the task from start to finish, including the coordination of additional services from other tradespeople if they are needed for the project.

When it comes to disposing of cleared trees and green waste, we mulch items and return the clean waste to the earth where possible.
Bulldozer — Earthmoving & Excavation Services in Rockhampton, QLD


Our experience in dam construction allows us to effectively pick a suitable site for the project based on soil type and other environmental factors. We promptly clear the site, including tree and stump removal. Our powerful machinery can excavate the proposed site, ready for the construction of the dam and laying of required pipelines. We construct dams to meet your specific requirements.

For repairs, we can assess the damage and provide you with a quote to restore your dam back to working order. We carry out repairs in a prompt and efficient timeframe.
Tractor  — Earthmoving & Excavation Services in Rockhampton, QLD


We are experienced in all aspects of road construction and maintenance working with Government departs and mining companies, including BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA). Our team of skilled operators have years of experience and we monitor their workmanship and site operations to ensure all safety standards, desired scope of works and efficient timeframes are met. Our machinery is mine compliant and available for short or long-term contracts throughout Central Queensland.

Our team of earthmoving contractors have extensive experience working with government and mining sectors. For examples of our projects, please visit our Projects page.
Bulldozer Engine — Earthmoving & Excavation Services in Rockhampton, QLD


Our fleet of earthmoving machinery and equipment is all professionally and regularly serviced and is certified mine compliant. All equipment has the necessary enclosed rollover protective structures (EROPS) or ROPS for maximum safety. We constantly upgrade our machinery to keep up with latest technologies as well as retiring machinery that is no longer suitable.

Our fleet contains a range of scrapers, dozers and graders including:
  • 607G's 2010 / 2011
  • D7H
  • D8N
  • D8R
  • 621's (Komatsu)
  • 631E's
  • 631G's
  • 637G's
Bulldozer  — Earthmoving & Excavation Services in Rockhampton, QLD


When you need to prepare your land for planting, our pasture preparation services make light work of the backbreaking stuff. Our machines can plough your soil, cut roots and turn soil in preparation for sowing. These services are especially useful for cow and stud properties needing their paddocks prepared for grazing.
Bulldozer on Work  — Earthmoving & Excavation Services in Rockhampton, QLD


We have the machinery and skills to provide major site rehabilitation. Our experienced operators can deep rip and seed large areas, spread topsoil to assist pasture regeneration as well as building contour banks to reduce the risk of water erosion in hilly or sloping areas.